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Stratton Partners Independent Financial Brokers are a customer focused proactive company, with an important mix of experience and youth in its advisory team. Stratton Partners offer a vast range of Financial Services products. Our goal is to give comprehensive financial advise on investments and personal financial advise, rather than simply selling financial products. Stratton Partners staffs are highly qualified in the Financial Services industry – some have the Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA) qualification.

Our staff will assist you through the maze of products currently available in the market place and help you to identify the product most suitable to your needs at the most competitive price. Stratton Partners Independent Financial Brokers add value to their clients by bringing a wide range of knowledge, expertise and experience to the table. Factors such as life cover, income protection, serious illness, retirement planning and investments are all linked together in one financial plan. We take great pride in the long term relationships that we have built up with our clients over many years which are built on trust and a quality service.

We invite you to a free no obligations meeting to review your financial affairs and to determine if we can work together.
The following are some of the Financial Services products available through Stratton Partners Independent Financial Brokers:

Life Assurance
The cost of live insurance has dropped in recent years. Check if you are paying too much.
Stratton Partners specialise in outlining the various types of Life Assurance available. They will assist you decide on a particular type and level of cover – best suited to your needs. Examples of the options available are Level Term, Level Term with Convertible Options, Decreasing Term (typically mortgage protection) and Whole of Life Cover. Other types of cover available are Business Protection Insurance, Keyman Insurance, and Capital Acquisition Tax Planning. Whatever your Life Assurance needs – Stratton Partners is best placed to give you independent advice and choice across all the products available in the market place. Once you have chosen the type and level of cover best suited to your needs, Stratton Partners will then search the market for the best price for you.

Pensions & Retirement Planning
Pensions and Retirement Planning can be very complex areas. Stratton Partners pride themselves on their ability to cut through the complexity and assist consumers in planning for retirement. Some of the headline products they cover are: Self Employed Pensions, Company Pensions (Individual), Single Premium Pensions, PRSAs, Group Pensions, Self Administered Pensions. Stratton Partners Independent Financial Brokers will assist you with all your retirement planning needs.

The number and choice of investment products is ever increasing. Currently some of the products available are Single Premium Unit Linked Funds, Guaranteed Trackers, Endowments etc. Regular Premium Investment Plans, U.C.I.T.S. and Fixed and Variable Term Cash Deposit Accounts are also available. Stratton Partners will help you identify the investment product(s) and term(s) that suit you.

Our staff can arrange Residential, Buy-to-Let and Commercial Mortgages. Mortgages for purchases of Investment properties abroad are currently very popular. Stratton Partners can identify the most competitively priced mortgage on the market for you. Contact us today to help you get your mortgage at the most competitive rate and look after all the paperwork and red tape associated with the application process.

Other Products
Permanent Health nsurance (PHI), Private Healthcare, Critical Illness Cover, Long Term Care, Hospital Cash Benefit, Group Schemes, etc. are just some of the other types of cover available through Stratton Partners Independent Financial Brokers. Contact Stratton Partners for full details of the wide range of cover available at the moment.
Whatever your financial needs: contact Stratton Partners to arrange your Financial Planning session.

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