“I moved to Stratton Partners a year ago and I now feel that I am getting clear relevant advise in relation to my affairs. I strongly recommend them.“
Pepperstack Bistro, Winners of Munster Bar of the Year 2014

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Welcome to Stratton Partners!

Paying less tax and maximising the wealth you have created is important when you work as hard as you do. At Stratton Partners or focus is in reducing your tax liabilities, maximising your wealth and easing the administrative burden of tax compliance.

Not all accountancy practices look at tax issues from the business owner’s point of view, or consider how money can be efficiently extracted from the business to benefit you. We do things differently.

We work with you to understand your objectives and provide comprehensive tax planning to suit these objectives and maximise profits available for distribution.


Contractors are our speciality. We have the qualifications, experience and knowledge to ensure that your affairs are handled in a professional and competent manner, with total integrity. We provide our contractors with safe, legal ways to take home as much money as possible. We focus in delivering a quality service by qualified people who understand tax law.

We are members of the major accountancy bodies including The Institute of Certified Public Accountants and The Institute of Chartered Accountants.
Our team of experienced qualified accountants ensure that all our solutions are totally compliant with Revenue regulations, and bring a cost-effective, competent and personal service to cater for your individual needs.

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